Saratoga Forest Management’s state-of-the-art processing mill converts Rocky Mountain timber into Saratoga Straights™, a lumber prized for its uniform shape and superior strength.

    • Saratoga Straights™ are produced from Lodgepole Pine and Engelmann Spruce. The high-altitude timber yields long, straight, desirable lumber.
    • WCLIB lumber grading assures users of consistent standards of quality.
    • Truckload quantities available which reduce your inventory commitment.

At Saratoga Forest Management, we combine a dedication for producing the highest quality forest products with a passion for preserving and improving the health of our Rocky Mountain forests.

The mill has been a part of Saratoga Wyoming’s community since the 1940s, and has a history of producing straight, strong, framing lumber from the high altitude Lodgepole Pine and Engelmann Spruce forests throughout the area. Over the years, this lumber grew to be called “Saratoga Straights” in recognition of its superior qualities and this is the name we now proudly use to identify our stud products.

Excellence You Can Count On Saratoga Straights™ are superior quality studs manufactured to meet the demanding needs of builders. Saratoga’s production employs best practices and contemporary tools such as advanced computerized controls for precision and accuracy all while adhering to strict grading rules to ensure quality lumber you can count on.


Unsurpassed Quality and Appearance

The high-altitude Lodgepole Pine and Engelmann Spruce are a slow growing, dense trees, conducive to yielding a stay straight stud.

Species ESLP
Grade Stud Grade KDHT
Width 2″x4″ , 2″x6″
Lengths 4′ – 9′, specials and other trims available
Packaging Paperwrap upon request


Tyrone Konecny
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To provide the highest quality lumber while practicing sustainable forest management for both public and private lands.

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