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At Saratoga Forest Management, we combine a dedication for producing the highest quality forest products with a passion for preserving and improving the health of our Rocky Mountain forests.

Our mill has been a part of Saratoga, Wyoming’s community since the 1940s, and has a history of producing straight, strong, framing lumber from the high altitude lodgepole pine and engelmann spruce forests in our area.   Over the years, this lumber grew to be called “Saratoga Straights” in recognition of its superior qualities and this is the name we now proudly use to identify our stud products.

Forest management, including timber harvesting is essential to healthy forests. Saratoga Forest Management has a staff of professional foresters who direct our timberland management programs in conformity with the highest standards of Silvicultural applications and Best Management Practices.   By employing such discipline and practices we can produce a rate of forest growth that is up to four times the rate of natural regeneration.  This type of regeneration is essential to repairing the unprecedented widespread devastation in the forests of Colorado and Wyoming caused by massive fires and insect infestations.

Today, Saratoga Forest Management is the only company in our region capable of providing large scale timber management using commercially viable means.

Our commitment to responsible environmental and forestry stewardship extends beyond our direct forestry efforts:

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  • All of our timber management programs are carried out in strict compliance with best management practices (BMP’s) which protects and enhances our watersheds, timberlands and wildlife habitats.
  • We provide, through direct payments to federal, state and municipal agencies, much-needed revenue for those agencies to treat ecosystems devastated by fire, pathogens, or invasive species.
  • We have heavily invested in clean energy – our $5 million waste-fired boiler system uses renewable forest biomass produced on-site to fire our dry kilns and heat our mill saving thousands of gallons of fossils fuels annually.
  • As we continue to invest in clean, renewable energy we are in the midst of a multi-year program to become energy neutral which will culminate in an electric co-generation plant powered by recaptured steam from our dry kilns and will continue reducing our carbon footprint.

Saratoga Forest Management believes producing the finest lumber products goes hand-in-hand with providing environmentally superior forest management, and we are committed to both.


To provide the highest quality lumber while practicing sustainable forest management for both public and private lands.

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